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I love alien babies; I've loved them even more since I discovered multi-pt (pollination technician) hacks, which replace the one PT that normally fathers all alien babies with four different ones.

When it comes to Simming I can't make up my mind about anything - I'm on my fourth set of default skins, soon to be fifth, and I have about ten thousand eye options in BodyShop/CAS because I've tried out so many default eyes. So the option to have four PTs, rather than constantly messing around with one default skin/eye combo, makes me ridiculously happy.

And so far, the best Multi-PT hack I've found (out of the three or four I've messed around with) is simgarooop's Polychromatic set, found here @ MTS2. When I stumbled on these absolutely gorgeous alien skins I was tempted to learn how to make my own hack; I didn't have to bother.

I've spent most of today playing around impregnating Sims to see what results I could get; pictures under the cut.

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(If you're curious, I have the Doctor Who wiki open in some of those shots because I was stealing companion names for some of the aliens.)

(This post may or may not be a ploy to make this journal look a little less abandoned while I play through the next Speck-Trumm round which, for no special reason, is taking me a million years)


Paradise Cove: The Speck-Trumm Legacy (1.4)

Last time: Carmen passed her addictive personality on to everyone in sight. Malcolm did nothing but work and study. Enough birthday cake to feed a third-world country was consumed, no one liked Oren, and Martin was an elephant.
This time: Even more birthdays, complete with rapid!miracle!baby-aging technology; Malcolm fails at everything, as do all the service Sims; Carmen gets wrinkly, and the nest begins to empty.

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Interlude: LULZ

This has nothing to do with anything, it's just an outtake. But I was playing the Myers house, and sent Aubrey downtown. I tend to stick a version of myself in every neighborhood I play because I'm a narcissist, and I happened to see this version of myself wander onto the lot. And then, through a window, saw her hitting on some woman, completely out of the blue.

Awesome, I think, I'm so fucking gay even my Sim's dykey.

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It was an essential part of their lives, something none of them could do without. Something none of them could get rid of even if they wanted to; an enemy that couldn't be fought. Of course, there were Sims who could, who had the knowledge and thus the mission to protect against this one thing.

But, whether it was inability or unwillingness or any of a hundred other reasons, they were the first to vanish when the chaos began; when time itself turned on Hill Valley.

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[And don't worry, those aren't the only Hill Valley people I kept. They just happened to fit best into the roles the dice set up for the new challenge]

Reader Survey

So, Hill Valley is pretty borked; a couple families are consistently erroring (the Kings, in particular), thanks to the erroring I've randomly lost some Sims (see the LJ Cut for the full list), and half the time the neighborhood won't even load.

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So I'm looking at a few options here:

One, I could say fuck this neighborhood and fuck this challenge, and stick to just the Speck-Trumm legacy for the time being.

Two, I could just say fuck this neighborhood and start a brand new prosperity challenge, with brand new families.

Three, I could say fuck some of this neighborhood, clone a few of the Sims/families I'm really enjoying, and start a new challenge with them. I have a few in mind, and if I go with this option I'd be happy to hear suggestions of families you wouldn't want to see vanish into the ether.

I'm pretty equally torn between the three of them, so I'm opening this up to the, like, three of you that have been reading the prosperity updates. So what do you think - should I start from semi-scratch, start from total scratch, or not start again at all?
If you've been following for a while, you might have noticed I have a big thing for supernatural skins - there's the DeVilles, the Wunderbutts, every Johnson except Jordan, and of course they're what makes my rainbow legacy rainbow-y. The specific skins I have a Simsboner for are by Enayla; her skins are the main reason I went through and geneticized all my downloads to diversify Hill Valley a little more.

Anyway, because I'm ~*~fabulous~*~, I've uploaded all my geneticized versions to share. These are also townified, meaning they're available to any new townie Maxis generates.

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Last time: Carmen was the most fertile Sim on Earth, possibly because she never stopped having sex. Carmen's genetics refused to play nicely with Malcolm's.
This time: Carmen passes her addictive personality on to everyone in sight. Malcolm does nothing but work and study. Enough birthday cake to feed a third-world country is consumed, no one likes Oren, and Martin is an elephant.

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Hill Valley: King-Bryan (3)

Since I moved this family into the original Bryan house, I'm gonna be switching them back to the beginning of the rotation starting round four. Unless I forget.

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