a pang of indescribable profundity (hector_rashbaum) wrote in hectorsims,
a pang of indescribable profundity

State of the HectorSims

You haven't seen a post from me for a while because I haven't played Sims at all for a while (due in part to a glitch, and in part to no real desire to play [I could probably find a solution for the glitch fairly easily if I were more motivated]). I do have one more Valley Hills update played through, it just needs editing.

However, it will not be posted here. I've moved to DreamWidth and am slowly detaching myself from LJ. I will be recreating and maintaining this community there, however.

I can be found here, the new community is right here. This is an excellent guide to keeping up with people who have switched when you have no intention of doing so.

I will not be deleting or otherwise touching the content of this comm, because I'm not moving everything over. The new comm will start with a link back here, and then the next entries in the continuity (because I am a gigantic lazy-ass).

Thank you for reading! Hopefully you'll continue to do so, and if not, *waves* :)
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