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Valley Hills: Myers [2.1]

Too pregnant to go to school, Sasha used her days off for educational pursuits so she wouldn't fall too far behind.

David doesn't have a job, and pretty much spends all day studying cooking, while cooking shows play in the background.

Also he really really likes being a step-grandparent to little Colin. Whose name I just typed as Colon.

No, Aubrey. Bad Aubrey.

Sasha, who apparently switches between looking pregnant and not, also spends quite a bit of time with Colin, practicing for when she has her own little bratling. IDK why she expects to do any parenting with two elder family Sims around, but ok.

The fateful night Sasha met Faunus, Aubrey met this woman but didn't get a chance to sleep with her, so he figured he'd better get on that.


Yeah I bet the whole neighborhood wanted to see that, you guys.

Marcel is pretty awesome 'cause he likes to study, and clean shit, and do his homework. However, that's all extremely boring and doesn't earn him much face time.

Mel's wants are pretty much ALL COLIN ALL THE TIME. So are David's, I'm surprised they haven't resorted to punching each other out at feeding time.

Yeah I'm nowhere near ready to lose Mel yet. I don't think I'll ever be.

Aw, bonding. David is so bewildered by technology.

Ooh he figured it out. KILL THAT BASTARD. Uh, David, it's snowboarding.

Pregnancy is taking its toll on Sasha.


...eventful birfday.

Oh goddammit.

Welcome to Spoiled Kids Central, Pollux.

Handing him to David started off a massive bout of favoritism the likes of which this world has never seen. Favoritism is understating, David was (is) OBSESSED with that kid. His twin is a sister, Helen.

Hey look who showed up for the party.

Oh yeah this is Colin. He's cuuuuuuuute. Sorry Auntie Sasha went into labor and stole all the attention on your birthday, kiddo.

Marcel pretty much spends all his time chatting, since the rest of the household is always dealing with babies or getting laid.


Aw but look at his cute little faaaace <3

BLAINE. STOP IT. Although tbh I've been expecting that one since the wedding.

Aubrey's a pretty good Daddy, especially for a romance Sim.

And Sasha also does the romance aspiration proud (actually, no, doing the romance aspiration proud would be leaving the baby on the floor to go screw some bitches, but hey).

Oh, there we go. *sigh* To be fair, she was leaving Helen on the cold wooden floor to go to school, not to go screw bitches.

I have never seen a Sim's relationship score get as high with a baby as David's got with Pollux.

Which means Mel got Colin aaaaaall to herself. But don't think Helen isn't anyone's favorite - she's EVERYONE'S favorite. Even with the nobabyswarm hack, if she starts crying everyone drops everything for her (unless Pollux is crying too, then David doesn't know Helen exists)

Aubrey's taking a little break from romancing to be a dad, but Sasha got right back in the game and brought home this piece of alien cuteness.

Since Marcel needs some not-online friends, he and Polly bonded while Sasha took care of some diaper-changes and had a much-needed shower.

And then she worked her ~*magic~*~.

Later that night they went out to Crypt O' and it turned out Polly's a romance Sim too. Sweet. Also Sasha cannot dance. But that's nothing new.

Sooooo you had two of Faunus' babies but never kissed him. Dear makers of inTeen, would it have been that hard to work in some code that added a kiss memory when WooHoo happens? The cognitive dissonance bothers meeee.

Photo booth woohoo yay. Also the Myers house is full to the brim so there isn't even a chance of pregnancy (much as I might like an alien baby. But I can keep her in mind for future use, of course).

...Polly, I like you. Now Aubrey will stop bitching about wanting an expensive stereo even though the cheapo one they have matches their living room.

Smart and cute. I like you, Colin.

Marcel brought Rose home from school and threw about a billion bolts for her, so after I puzzled it out and realized they're only related by marriage so it's ok (I'm a little paranoid after Apollo/Tiger, sue me) they really hit it off. They're kind of adorable.

And Sasha, never one to waste an opportunity, made sure to greet this cutie redhead walkby just in case.

Although as usual, Helen took priority. Awww.

Triple birthday whoooo. David missed the festivities because it takes him 300 years to walk down the stairs. Poor old man.

Kinda overly frowny but omg I love his eyes.

HALLO prettiest toddler in THE ENTIRE WORLD EVER. OMG. Hello <3

ALSO GORGEOUS I must now breed the entire neighborhood with Faunus.

I loooooove having two elders around so much of the time; y'all know how much I hate toddlers but even having twins didn't bother me much with Mel and David, once I coordinated their naptimes.

Aubrey continues to be an excellent father figure.

And apparently his reward is to work out in the snow. He switched from law enforcement to show biz but that career needs a lot of body skill, too, whoops. And the exercise machine is outside 'cause Mel doesn't give a shit about no bitchass snow.

Marcel brought Rose on a date to the tackyass bowling alley.

Which was not a good move if his aim was to impress her.

See? Not impressed. Ouch, Rose, ouch.

Buuuut he works that "tee hee I'm shy and you're pretty" angle pretty well.

And it works extremely well. That is one Hell of an awkward first kiss but they got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Back home, Sasha is being a good Mom. I don't know how to handle this, there are twin toddlers and a teen mother but EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL. WTF.

...Colin must be part snake, there is no waaaay he's eating like that without unhitching part of his jaw. Great party trick! *thumbs up*


Marcel is an excellent influence to have around.

But you can't beat matching jammies.

ILU Meeeeel.

Moar birthday.

Growed-up Sasha, all goth fabulous. She wants to be a Rock God like big brother Rory.

And here's Helen, who continues to COMPLETELY STEAL MY HEART omg.

And Pollux, who would totally be my favorite in any family that didn't have Helen sorry.

Marcel took his girlyfriend out on another date, to the park this time to cuddle like old people.

Well. Not entirely like old people. Also note that at his point he has seen more lovey-dovey action than either of the household romance Sims, whoops.

Awww so cuuute.

They're sickening, COMPLETELY sickening, but I love them so much omg. I get a new Sim OTP every 30 seconds, but for serious, OTP.

Also because there's no way you can grow up in the Myers house without being at least a little wacky, he had to sing to her. And then he asked her to go steady SO CUTE what.

Helen and Sasha spent the day bonding.

...hello sexy cowboy walkby THANK YOU for walking by when Aubrey was a) home and b) in a good mood

Mel and David are also in good moods.

Eeee yay sexy cowboy is easily won over.

Yay for hot tub weather. Also I love the WooHoo cannonball.

Sasha looks pretty fierce in her security guard uniform. LOL GET IT SASHA FIERCE. Like Beyonce. LOL SO CLEVER.

Hee David got squishy.

Mel doesn't care (possibly because she works out enough to compensate for 800 squishies). ADORABLE OLD PEOPLE that is a good place to stop <3
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