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Elsewhere: The Speck-Trumm Legacy (2.3)

Last Time: Clementine went to college, and despite proving herself the worst knowledge Sim ever managed to graduate with a 4.0, while continuing to demonstrate horrible taste, getting herself a stalker, finding true love, and filling me with undying rage doing some other stuff.
This Time: After Clementine and Juan graduated, the whole family - including the spares, a couple significant others, and the illegitimate babydaddy of three members of generation two - packed up and moved to a little town called Elsewhere; not all in the same house, of course! Clementine takes over as lady of the house, Carmen and Malcolm enjoy their dotage, biology is ignored, and I start to wonder if I should play shorter periods of time between updates so I don't have to deal with so many birthdays.

Rambo didn't make it out of the dorm, so meet Rambo Jr.

Canary wanted to learn all about commerce. I blame Malcolm's greedy greedy DNA, except she doesn't have any of his DNA. His influence, at any rate.

Juan didn't study much at college, so he's still getting used to this words strung together to make sentences strung together to make paragraphs etc. concept.

Somehow, inattentive mother = doting grandmother. You're going to give Clementine issues.

Best. Matchmaker. Ever.

Malcolm's also gone a bit soft in his old age; he's less concerned with obsessive skilling than with being Rambo's BFF.

How very picturesque.


Best. Stray. Ever.

Sure, it's exactly the same as their old bed, in a room exactly the same as their old one, but it still needs ~*~christening~*~.

This bed is not like their old one and it's nothing like Clementine's dorm room so it definitely needs christening.

These two are obsessed with pool. I will not think about why Carmen is thinking about sex while she brutally assaults those balls.

I want a yellow couch. Also, the move apparently turned Clementine into an actual knowledge Sim. FINALLY.

Hey hey shades of the old Malcolm. Who is the young Malcolm.

WHERE IS YOUR BATHROBE everything I know is a lie :(

Yay! That's three maxed. ON TO THE NEXT.

Also he went back to the criminal track here. The law was boring, I guess.

Like mother, like daughter.

OMG headmaster. Clementine wants both kids to get in, and fears both getting rejected, so if they fail she's gonna go nuts. Yay nuts!

They got in by two points, because it took me forever to figure out the only family member he liked was Juan.

ZOMG mpreg. Clementine has a career LTW and Juan doesn't so THIS IS HOW IT GOES I regret nothing.

He kept rolling the want to get a job but it really doesn't look like being a stay at home babymaker bothers him too much.

Aw, generationally-appropriate manternity wear <3

You two should know the only reason I'm letting you be so useless is I intend to work you like dogs when Juan has the assbaby.

They still have their ~*~spark~*~ aw.

You do know you're already my favorite and don't need to impress me, yes?

Er, maid, this is kind of an awkward time. Not that Carmen seems to mind...I think I've seen this porno, actually.

You don't have space for a real garden, sry.


Yeah after all that whining about the arcade game in the dorm I bought one for the house. ALMOST EVERYONE HAS MAX PLAYFUL POINTS I cannot deal.

Juan you are so precious <3 also notice in the background a child with 10 playful points doing her homework. SEE the arcade game is a necessary evil.

Carmen keeps getting fat. She actually looks pretty fabulous, but Carmen does not like being fat.

It's so nice to see a guy bonding with his pregnant (step)son-in-law.

The blessed event! In the kitchen, of course. Because there is a baby button on tiled floors, so babies all get born in kitchens or bathrooms.

Hey walls cutaway, sup. I mean. Awwww, little blue baby. A girl, Ducky.

Old people playing chess. Cliché!

Hey, the grandparents are supposed to be doing the work. But aww.

AWW. Ducky for heir LOOK AT HER FLAP HER LITTLE ARMS no Sim baby has ever done that before, clearly.

Unemployed family Sims rule. No neglected children for the Speck-Trumms!

That was fast.

I'm a horrible judge of how a Sim will turn out based on how they look as a toddler, but aww.

Sooomeone's playing favorites since when are you a family Sim?

None of my Sims ever have the time/energy for WooHoo when there's a toddler in the house. A+ you two.

Eagle-Eye Camera of Small Room Photographing! Plz to not be showing the baby so much vag, Carm.

ENOUGH with the nukes.

Spying on the neighbors is bad enough. It gets kind of extra-creepy when you're watching your son and his wife.

Juan is clearly King of Generationally-Appropriate Photos.

Oh yeah, Tiffany still exists. She's boring, but here.

Awwwww. Juan for heir <3

So the plan to build enough factories to pollute the world may have worked back when you were a young, wealthy real estate tycoon, but now you're an old fogey who doesn't even own the house he lives in. Your best friend is a parrot, guy.


Wow! Sonny turned out about 500 times better than I expected. His lips protrude a bit further than is normal...but he's definitely back in the running. Especially since he rolled an LTW I like playing, Become Hall of Famer (he's fortune).

Helloooooo gorgeous, not that I expected anything less. You win in the looks department...but she rolled Become Professional Party Guest, which I already did with Carmen (although she's romance, not pleasure, and I like romance more than fortune). But I do kind of want a male heir, and unfair as it is I already call "Clementine" "Carmen" half the time so "Canary" is not an ideal heir name. WE'LL SEE. Maybe Ducky will be astounding and render all this dilemma-ing moot.

Always with the WooHoo.

Carmen still keeps in touch with Carrot, who now knows which of her kids are his. He's married now, I plan on doing a Where Are They Now? update with him (and the gen 2 spares) at some point in the nearish future.

With the twins old enough to be somewhat self-sufficient, and Carmen and Malcolm around to help out with Ducky most of the time, Juan finally got a job as a Llama.

Sonny is the biggest help.

To celebrate their new teenage-ness, the twins went out to PURE; Sonny went right for the dance sphere and was actually good at it.

He's so HAPPY omg.

Canary just sat at the bar and waited for someone to realize how hawt she is and buy her a drinky.

At some point Sonny decided this handsomely-facial-haired fellow was irresistible and tried to tell him so.

Facial hair wasn't feeling it. No big. (Both twins are autonomously gay. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE EXACTLY ALIKE, GUYS)

I'm honestly surprised there haven't been any more pregnancies. Happy. But surprised.

Carmen and Ducky got themselves on the same schedule; Carmen gets out of the shower about the same time Ducky starts crying. On nice nights she teaches Ducky to walk outside.

Canary hadn't found any prospects at the bar, so she went to hang out at the beach near their house for a while and met this cutie.

She knows her calculus, y'all.

...and she works fast.

With a potential date all lined up, she could go back home and be worthless for an unspecified length of time, secure in her hotness.

Sonny thought the best place to find a boyfriend would be a clothing store. How dare you be so stereotypical! And omg look the cashier is lime green look look that's the next generation LOOK.

...fine, be that way. Jackass.

Canary is a super lesbian, she and her beach babe spent three hours on the phone talking about hot women. That's my girl.

Hey I forgot this house has a pool. Sonny, that's cheating :(


Hey name- AND color-scheme-appropriate jammies. Also HOLY HELL that mouth.

IDK she's cute I'll give her a chance to grow out of it. But I'm not holding out much hope SOMEONE BETTER WOW ME SOON.

Aw poor baby burned his pasghetti.

Bathrobe! My world is restored <3
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