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Valley Hills: Hurley [1.4]

Aw, nerd bonding. Wait, Colton's no nerd.

Steph and Colton both went right to work the first day, so Apollo had to assume the role of caretaker. Bologna sandwiches for all!

He's a good faux-parent, though. He's even genuinely impressed by Rose's fab cartwheels!

And with this walkby, Faunus has made it into all but one post this round. Sure, this is his only appearance in this one, but it's quality, not quantity. Or something.

Rose is the biggest nerd to ever nerd.

Aww, girly bonding. I think of Rose as Lisa Simpson-esque, so her dolls are probably all strong women of history...but Steph is no Marge, so hers are all high-powered lawyers and politicians. This isn't house, this is "Hillary Clinton's luncheon with the Bronté sisters".

Early in the week, Colton and Steph spend a lot of time dragging Rory around to downtown's various hotspots to keep him from dwelling on Jesse's absence. This is Colton's favorite game, and quite possibly the reason there's a target on Rory's arm.

They do get to have fun on their own, though.

Autumn and Apollo are pretty BFFy, if they had any chemistry at all I'd probably hook them up. Although I don't think Autumn and all her down-to-earthy-ness would put up well with Apollo's fortune Simming.

Some things never change.

He got so buff he jammed his elbow through a wall and didn't even notice. Also oh man he's pretty.

I almost never bother with Help With Homework because I can barely manage to keep one Sim happy enough to do her homework. But Steph and Rose managed it yay. This house is so gendered - Steph and Rose do stuff, Apollo and Colton do stuff. I AM A BAD FEMINIST.

Ha ha fat chance. Sry your house was really expensive.

This is how she starts and ends every single day.

Aww they like each other.

Colton is writing a novel at the desk that doesn't match their living room. He works evenings so he has a lot of free time.

And he needs lots of breaks to refill his creative juices. Clearly.

Also, he is very handy, and keeps Rose's prettypink bathroom in tip-top shape.

And he and Steph WooHoo every time they have five free minutes.

Colton doesn't like the toilet maintenance work so they keep this foxy luxurious-maned repairman on call.

And he has to fill his chore time with cleaning.

But he doesn't like that, either, so it was time to hire...this foxy, luxurious-maned alien maid. WHY ARE ALL THE SERVICE SIMS IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD BLACK :/

~*~Manly~*~ bonding.

The girls are more civilzed, clearly. The chess table doesn't match the living room, either.

Rose is a little chatterbox; Maddy is her best phone buddy.

Yeah that had to happen eventually.

Siblinbly nerd bonding. I was hoping to find Apollo a new girlfriend this update, to take his attention off his love affair with his aunt Tiger, but spending the entire week skilling has the same effect.

Spousal bonding. And look! Colton playing something that doesn't involve punching.

Goddammit Apollo, stick to the bologna.

Steph still sucks at being pregnant.

But it'll be over soon, at least.

UH-OH something pissed off Luxurious Alien Maid. REALLY pissed him off, his face stuck like that all day.

Colton and Apollo are basically clones of each other. Which is funny, 'cause Colton is a clone of David. The Y chromosome in this family is really really overbearing.

IT'S GO TIME. And not in a kitchen or bathroom! Fuck yeah.

A girl! Little Diana.

...who she handed to Colton so she could immediately give birth to Donna. FUCKING TWINS my game always gives me a bunch at once argh grar. But aww, Colton <3.

And just in time for Rose's birthday!

She looks...exactly like Stephanie. Spiff.

Nice outfit, Colton. You can tell he's doing well at work 'cause they bought a desk that matched the decor.

It's really nice that Steph brought one of the babies to eat overlooking the enclosed backyard...except the backyard is completely bare 'cause the house was too expensive for them to afford any landscaping or outdoor entertainment or whatnot. But, y'know, snow, oooh.

Awwwww <3

Rose hasn't changed at all, except now I can't tell her apart from Steph unless I hover the mouse over her to get the name tooltip. Yay!
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