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Paradise Cove: The Speck-Trumm Legacy (2.2)

Last Time: After a childhood full of creepy twinning, the girls grew up. Clementine had questionable taste, Mallory was xXHaRdCoReXx, Carmen rocked the fuck out in her bathrobe, and Malcolm got old.
This Time: College! The girls go their separate ways; Clementine proves herself the worst knowledge Sim ever, continues to demonstrate horrible taste, gets herself a stalker, finds true love, and fills me with undying rage does some other stuff. Also, you'll get your first glimpse of grown-up Clementine I bet you can hardly contain yourself.

Yeah the first day of college was full of learning opportunities. Not pictured: me learning she was hot for the fat elderly dorm cook.


Fuuuuuuuuuuck you.

Clementine doing work! Don't get used to this.

If I decide to play any of the next generations through college, I'll be selling the arcade games in their dorms. SO ANNOYING.

I should've said "stalkers" in the summary, 'cause for a while this guy, who also lives in her dorm, showed up at every single community lot Clementine went to.

They even have the same shorts.

Clementine wanted a bird, and since she wasn't spending her grant money on anything else, meet Rambo.

...I don't know what you're teaching him but it doesn't look good.



Hey another orange guy, neat.

Nooooooooo you were her only hooooope.

Or were you? DUN DUN DUN.

Oh Find A Mate Ball you are my BESTEST FRIEND hello legacy compliant boy thing <3

...legacy compliant boy thing CLEMENTINE LIKES. YAY.

This is the stalker I meant. She looooooooooooooooves Clementine.

Stop rolling pleasure Sim wants.

I like you, alien dude.

If Carmen wasn't a pleasure Sim, I'd switch Clementine to one. Jesus.

Hey she remembered she's a student.

That didn't last.

LLAMA I got her to study you are ruining it. Also notice that purple stalker doesn't have a book, she just crashed the study party to get ~next to~ Clementine.

STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. NUKES. Although to be fair, Pigtails started it. Who talks about nukes while swinging. BE MORE CAREFREE.

Daaaate. Apparently Clementine didn't kiss the guy she went on that boring-ass date with as a teenager? Whatev.

I don't understand her at all. The only person she's ever actually had a lightning bolt with was the guy she heartfarted for at the beginning of this update, otherwise she just kind of flings hearts at anyone in her path.

Yeah there's a reason your sister is the dancer, not you.

Her face got stuck again lulz.

Juan (which is apparently his name) doesn't seem to mind.

It unstuck. WooHoo Dream Date etc.

I can't tell if she's actually stalking the other guy, or just pretending. I'm not sure which is better.

I'm inclined to think "pretending", since he was barely out of his chair before she was down throwing out cheesy pickup lines.

Man I knew you got smart points for WooHooing professors, but just for talking? Awesoooome.

So I've read enough other legacies to have a vague idea what happens, but I still was kind of taken by surprise when Clementine randomly woke up in the middle of the night and got dressed just in time for this guy to cluck like a chicken and take her away in handcuffs.

Yay secret society. That's pretty much the last college thing I'd never done, so I can safely say I have no desire to ever send anyone to college again.

The lure of A-Maze-ing Matey was stronger than the secret society lot. Sup stalker.

...WTF did you two do in the cab? But yay.

That is hardly appropriate dinner-in-public conversation, Juan.

...but it impressed Clementine. Second date is clearly the best time to pop the question y/y?

Of course a celebration was in order.

Getting laid puts Clementine in a good enough mood to actually do her work.

Stalker go awaaaay. I should point out that the pictures don't do her justice; she heartfarts every time she walks into the same room Clementine's in.

My mom's a teacher, and one year she had a student who called every. single. night. with questions. Sup Clementine.

Since they're so ~serious~, and she and Mallory are so close, Clementine wanted Juan and her sister to meet, so they went on a double date with Mallory and Natasha.

It went well.

Clementine, you, uh...popped...through the door, there.

Impending baby means Juan gets to move in.

24/7 SHOWER ACCESS ALL COLLEGE DUDES ALL NUDE ALL THE TIME that guy is checking out Juan's junk.


Babytime came fast. Juan you're a family Sim you're not supposed to be whyyyying.

Whoops, I meant to take this skintone out when I made it my vampire default. Er, this is Canary.

...and this is Sonny. *sigh*

Juan is as good at family Simming as Clementine is at knowledge Simming. Darts trumps new babies!

He got Stalker to write his term paper. Juan uses his influence indiscriminately and as a result didn't have any left when he needed it later.

Clementine is smarter, although that's mostly because she does have some normal knowledge Sim wants and gets aspiration points for doing her own work.

Juan does turn out to be a good daddy, though.

Clementine can't really be bothered LEAVE HER ALONE omg.

Birfday! Clementine is WAY TOO EXCITED and Juan DID NOT INVITE YOU, Llama.

I may or may not have tried to reach through the screen and pinch his little cheeks LOOK AT HIS LITTLE CHEEKS.

She wouldn't close her mouth but rest assured she is PRECIOUS. Also I didn't realize until about 30 seconds ago that's the same hair her mother had as a child.

Team potty training at 2 in the morning FUCK YEAH TWINS.

I'm not sure it's possible but Juan might do less work than Clementine. Actually, now that the other option is childrearing, Clementine finds a lot of time for schoolwork.

And she keeps trying to empty the toddler potties in the stalker's room. You've used the bathroom for 5 or 6 semesters, do you expect anyone to believe you don't know how to get there?

Yaaaaay Canary.

Juan and Sonny missed Canary's birthday 'cause they were busy getting Sonny some last-minute potty training aspiration points.

I think Clementine and Canary just skipped Sonny's out of spite.

She's cuter than she looks in this picture. She is PRECIOUS and WONDERFUL and ADORABLE but I don't really need another female heir with a C name.


So after ignoring school entirely for a whole semester Juan had to spend a couple hours straight doing homework 'cause he was out of influence points. Whoops.

The best thing about kids is you can sit them at a chessboard and forget about them. It's...good for their brains.

Also kids are less time-consuming so there's more time for parental nookie.

I like when everyone sits down to eat at the same time 'cause you can tell exactly who the sloppiest - and thus fastest - eater is.

So despite her slackery, Clementine actually maintained a 4.0 all through school. But keeping that up in the last semester of senior year meant pretty constant work, and with Juan struggling to keep from failing that meant the kids pretty much had to fend for themselves.

Sonny is smooooth.

This is what Juan does after class pretty much every day. Not always with that guy.

Aww, bonding.

And then there was graduation and moving out and blah blah blah. But instead of going back go Paradise Cove, the Speck-Trumms - the whole gang, including the spares - are relocating to Elsewhere, for a number of reasons, the big two being
- I didn't know how to make an empty neighborhood when I started Paradise Cove, and I'd like to have them in a 'hood without the standard Maxis townies
- Paradise Cove was starting to show some troubling signs, and after Hill Valley I'm paranoid

So the Speck-Trumms have a new home starting with the next update!

And as promised, here's growed-up Clementine with her stats:

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